Thrift Treasures

I've become a Thrift Store addict.
Mostly Vintage, Remade, Recycled, and Renewed.
Being green and saving money while helping others!
Join me in this treasure hunt.

Oh, I may also include tidbits of my boring life. I apologize in advance.

Large Surrey goes well with my lazy wardrobe.

I am a huge fan of dresses because they are fuss-free. I just slip it on and BAM. I am good to go.

This outfit is great for any occasion. It is comfortable and the bag makes you want to tumble around because of its rugged look.

There’s no stopping me with this Dooney and Bourke Large Surrey.

Look at how much I can fit in this beast. I can even pack in my wireless speakers.

Coach Wallet, Coach coin case, Dell Venue 8 Pro, Sharrk keyboard, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Pocket Juice external battery, M&M tube, PNY USB thumb drive, Samsung Adapter, Refresh Optive eye drops, The Body Shop Mini perfume, UE speakers, Jaybird earphones, Big pen, and Palladio lip balm.

Phew, that took a while to list out. It still has room for more!

So this might take a while.

So this might take a while.

  • Dooney and Bourke Large Surrey: $20.00

This flawless bag was just $20. You guys need to pinch me! My mom and I stopped by a flea market/thrift store since we haven’t been there in the longest time. This store has been featured in many shows. I remember one time when I was in high school, there was a film crew in there at the time.

Despite having a lot of bags, it was impossible to not buy this. Even my mom agreed to this purchase!

The thick strap is perfect. Its length is adjustable. It is big but it isn’t HEAVY!

I am surprised at the condition this bag is in! There were two other bags there but I fell in love with this bag immediately.

I am pretty excited about using this bag because it is almost the size of a small messenger bag. I can easily fit my tablet it in and other gadgets!

According the HorseKeeping LLC, this was produced in 1994 and retailed for $245.

I am in love. (I am cheating on my other bags. Forgive me, my loves.)


'I Don't Know What I Did But It Worked' — A thrilling story about my academic life

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Ready at any time.

Kirra lace top

Everly skirt

AB swimsuit

With this combo, I am ready to jump in the water at any time.

Tankini + lace combo.

Anne Klein Tankini

Kirra Lace top

Everly skirt

All that is missing from this convertible outfit is a swim bottom of my choice!

Sanrio Pochacco suitcase in action.

I have a lot of plans for this suitcase. This is an example of how I would use it. This case can be used to display my handmade hair accessories.

For the time being, it is carrying my wallets. I haven’t used them all. I may even plan to sell a few of them. I am going to keep an eye out for more of these Sanrio PVC suitcases. They are light but has a lot of structure.


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  • Coach Companion Flap bag: $29.92 $14.96

I saw this bag at a particular Goodwill store weeks ago. I was hesitant when I saw it again yesterday. That went out the window when I found out that Red was the color of the week, which makes this bag $14.96!!
I am going to give it a quick clean and shine.

A quick search online told me the name of the bag and it is a bag I don’t have in my collection. It isn’t staying long though, I plan to give it to my aunt. I am calling it. If she doesn’t like it, I give up. I am not going to buy anything for her anymore. I don’t know what she likes anymore. She’s quite fickle though. She’ll tell me she like this design/shape and when I am able to find one like that, she tells me she doesn’t like it.

  • AB swim suit: $5.25

Another swim suit I found at Goodwill yesterday. I think what got me was te floral detail on the top. Plus there is a little back strap in the back. It’s so simple and it would look great with a pair of shorts/skirt!


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  • Anne Klein tankini: $5.25

Tankinis are great. They give you coverage and they are cute! I’ve been finding a lot of great swim suit pieces lately. I don’t know why I’ve been wanting to buy so many. But this was such a cute tankini, I couldn’t have left it behind.

  • Dooney and Bourke Card and Bill Holder: $10.91

It was hard not to get this when I saw it at Goodwill yesterday. I’ve been on a slim card kick lately. I just wish I can simplify my wallet enough to just use slim card holder.

I don’t know why but I am super drawn to their AWL line. The quality is insane and it can endure a lot of abuse!

I found an exact description on’s website but they didn’t have the original price as well.

So some of you may be asking, is it worth the $10.91? Well, it all depends on you! I personally think it is well worth it because it isn’t a common piece.


Old Spice what the fuck

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