Thrift Treasures

I've become a Thrift Store addict.
Mostly Vintage, Remade, Recycled, and Renewed.
Being green and saving money while helping others!
Join me in this treasure hunt.

Oh, I may also include tidbits of my boring life. I apologize in advance.

So which hoodie is new and which is thrifted?

  • Converse hoodie
  • J.Crew hoodie

It is about time I bring these baby out from my upper rung of clothes(not reachable). I am simply just going to place these near my stack of clean clothes so that I can just reach for it and go! The mornings and afternoons are nippy so these will solve the problem!

So…which one do you think is thrifted?

The Converse hoodie is new! So the J.Crew hoodie is thrifted!!

The bought the Converse hoodie in the kid’s section and I like how it is fitted. I tend to roll up my sleeves up and so these are perfect for me because I don’t push it up that much!

I love the J.Crew hoodie’s fabric. It’s so softttt. I like the side detailing so there is a lot of leeway in terms of its stretchiness!

So did you get it right?