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I've become a Thrift Store addict.
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My regret of the day?

Not getting this puzzle from Goodwill.

I love puzzles but once puzzles are done, I don’t actually frame them so that is why I don’t bother anymore.

It’s a shame, really.

  • Small Mickey Mouse Pin: $1.99 $0.99

I am so glad I asked the associate to let me see this/hold this pin for me while I look around the store. This was the only thing I got from this thrift store today. It is super cute. I asked her to hold it before I even looked at it closely. It turns out it has the special backing like the other ones I got the other day. This one is smaller and super cute. It’s like “Chibi Mickey!”

Spotted this HUGE mug at Value Village today. Seriously, you can eat soup in this. The last photo shows how big the mug is. I have small hands but the mug was definitely novelty size. I also like how it says “Pooh” on the handle. =) 

  • Mickey Mouse Pin: $2.99

I love how this Micky Mouse is just “BAM! HEY GUYS!” I could have easily waited for next Monday to come around so I can get it for 50% off but I couldn’t wait! I think one of the things that really tipped me off is the special backing of this pin! 

  • Chip & Dale Disney Pin: $1.99

Okay. How adorable is this pin? I am excited to incorporated it in my plain shirts! They had a whole bunch of pins. I chose this because of the special backing! They had a Donald Duck pin as well but it had the normal backing. I also bought two other accessories at the thrift store today.

I went back to the same thrift store and decided to get these three items. 

The collar bar is something I’ve seen for weeks but I sprang for it today. I could have waited to get it on Monday to get it for 50% off but I figured, this thrift store has given me so many great finds, I should pay full price for something. 

  • Mickey Mouse Pin: $2.99
  • Chip/Dale Pirate Pin: $1.99
  • Gold-tone Collar Bar: $1.59

Spotted these Disney treasures at the thrift store today. I shall buy some of you when it is 50% off day. I must have you. 

Spotted this Disney Minnie Mouse Clock at Goodwill the other day. Yes, those are shoes. Yes, that is a bow. Yes, those are actual hands on the hour and minute hand. 

Spotted this Disney Minnie Mouse Clock at Goodwill the other day. Yes, those are shoes. Yes, that is a bow. Yes, those are actual hands on the hour and minute hand. 

  • Disney Duffel Bag: $2.92

Argh. Another perfect duffel bag for traveling! I love the color. I love Mickey Mouse. I love that it actually has crossover strap for when you want to have your arms/hands free!

It is super light and sturdy! Definitely a great find at Goodwill.

Planning on taking a trip? Stop by your local thrift store or Goodwill to see if they have a fun duffel bag for you to use!

  • Mickey Mouse Cap: $2.99

Plaid + Mickey Mouse? Yeah, I had to buy it when I saw it at the thrift store. I have such great hats but I don’t seem to wear them that often. I need to work on that!

  • Disney Classic Pooh [Winnie the Pooh Bear] make up bag: $1.91 $0.96

This week’s color is blue at Goodwill and that is why I was able to get this bag for 50% off! YAY! Pooh is prepping himself in the print. =) Adorable!

It also has its tag from The Disney Store. It is always exciting to stop by thrift stores/ Goodwill because you never know what you will find.

I actually came in hoping I could find movies and music to buy but came out with totally different items! Walk in with an open mind!

  • Mickey Mouse Disney Mug: $0.77 $0.58

Senior Citizen Day at Goodwill and thanks to my mom, I was able to snag this beautiful cup for a whopping $0.58!! At first I thought it was just a random swirly cup that was trying to imitate Mickey Mouse. I looked at the bottom and it is an actual Disney cup. =)

My mom teased me for buying another mug and how I may need to make/buy a case to organize all my mugs. I don’t even have a lot!!!

I am thoroughly enjoying my mug. It is larger than my Starbucks mug(which I got from Goodwill as well.)

  • Disney Winnie the Pooh Bear photoalbum: $2.52 $1.89

Love, love, love this album. It can hold a lot of photos and the shape is just right! I can’t wait to fill this up with photos…actual photos that are developed. As much as I like sharing memories with friends online…I like to have actual photos in my hand…I am not the only one, right?