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I've become a Thrift Store addict.
Mostly Vintage, Remade, Recycled, and Renewed.
Being green and saving money while helping others!
Join me in this treasure hunt.

Oh, I may also include tidbits of my boring life. I apologize in advance.
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  • Mesh Metal Bow Brooch: $3.00

This was a no brainer for me. I knew I had to get it. It is fabulous. I can use it to dress up plain button shirts, jackets, and coats!

  • Joan Rivers Bow Brooch: $3.00

This brooch caught my eye at the thrift store the other day. It is such a solid piece. Even though I have  other bow brooches, each one gives off a different feeling. 

  • White House | Black Market bow skinny belt: $1.01

I finally have the perfect black bow belt! It is subtle and that make it much easier to wear on a normal basis.

Belts are usually $2.92 at Goodwill but the sales associate punched it in as “wares”! I got it during our tax free holiday so I was able to get to belt for $1.01 and not a penny more!

Spotted this blouse at a thrift store weeks ago. I spotted it when it was on sale. It was going to be $1.19 at the registers but I fought the urge. It would have been a great blouse to cut up and DIY!

This seems about right. Tea Cup earring + flower cluster with bow earring. I want to make more mismatch earrings. 

I wanted to make these earrings today but I was a bit worried that they will be too heavy. They are a tad heavy but I’ve seen heavier earrings at retail stores.

Argh. They are so adorable.

I feel so prettyyy.

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Lucky You Accessories

  • Estée Lauder Red Bow Clutch: $0.99 $0.49

I found this little gem at Goodwill today. I wanted to pop in after doing a little retail shopping(Actually, I wanted to use my Ulta coupon). I was supposed to meet up with my friend shortly after so I didn’t really look around closely. The color of the week is yellow and so when I saw that it was 99 cents AND a yellow tag item… I had to get it.

I see myself using it to stash receipts or coupons. If I need it to complete an outfit but I’m too lazy(forgetful) to use it as a clutch, I can easily add a chain to make it a cross-body clutch bag!

Cute black crystals sphere with bow dangle earrings for $4.00.

I think I make pretty cute accessories if I have to say so myself. You know..tooting my own horn..?

Sporting my studded hair clip.

Want me to make you one?
Message me or click buy here :


Pink Apostrophe Petite Skirt Suit.

  • Size 6P.
  • Super cute bow button details.
  • It still has its extra button attached on the inside of the blazer
  • Pleated Skirt

Add color in your wardrobe with this piece! You can either wear it as a suit or wear it as separate pieces(DOUBLE THE DEAL!).

I am listing it on eBay but if you would like it, I would like to sell it here for $12.99. We are a family here and I just want to share with you! I think $6.00 would cover the shipping charges. If you are interested please message me/reply and we will go from there.

Let me be your personal shopper. (Here the starting price is $19.99 and Buy-it Now Price is $23.99.)
Please message me if you are interested.