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  • Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. x LeSportsac bag: $4.94

Can you believe I almost passed this up? I almost didn’t see it hanging on the bag section of Goodwill. The hardware caught my eye. I saw a glimpse of L.A.M.B. and was interested.

There are actually a lot of stains on this baby so I plan to give it a bit of TLX.

Oh, I remember when Gwen Stefani did this like with LeSportsac. I was already a fan of LeSportsac at that time and to have LeSportsac collaborate with Gwen Stefani? I melted.

(Most of the LeSportsac collaborations get me excited though. Stella McCarthy for example! Goodness. That line was heavy as well because of the hardware but it was pretty.)

OH! Apparently this bag is supposed to have an extra L.A.M.B. charm on it but it is no longer on it. Actually, I prefer it that way because that would make it even HEAVIER.

  • LeSportsac crossbody bag: $1.51

How crazy is this bag? It is HUGE. There are two large compartments and two velcro pockets on the outside.

This will go nicely with the rest of my LeSportsac colelction.

My other soft spot? LeSportsac bags. I can throw them around and not worry. It also doesn’t hurt that most of my bags were thrifted or purchased at an insanely low price at department stores(with the exception of my first big bag from LeSportsac x Tokidoki).

  • LeSportsac cosmetic bag: $0.99 $0.49

I have plans for this little bag. I think I will use it to stash my bathing suit in it. It is that or I will put sunblock in it. I dislike it when the sunblock bursts in my bag.

  • Huge LeSportsac Green Travel bag: $5.00 $2.50

This is the gem I found at the thrift store today. I saw this from afar and was drawn to the color. I am not surprised that it turned out to be a LeSportsac bag. It is HUGE! There are two main sections. This is a wonderful travel bag. I bet I can fit a lot of clothes in this beast of a bag. I’ll probably test it out once I have it cleaned!

One thing that makes this bag even more special is the hardware! The strange looking zipper head is design so that when you lock the zippers, it is hard to get into and there is not a lot of space for things to slip through the gap!

Thanks to my friend. I bought an insane LeSportsac bag at the thrift store today for $2.50. She couldn’t find anything she liked though. So we were in and out of there within 20 minutes.

I am a huge fan of LeSportsac bags. They are light, sturdy, and functional!

I’ve listed two bags on eBay if you are interested.

Blue & Beige LeSportsac Crossbody bag.

This next bag is great for everyday or trips!

Colorful Floral LeSportsac Tote.

Doesn’t it just make you happy to look at this tote?

The great thing about this tote is that it has a open pocket on the outside on the front and back of the bag, so you can slip your phone or cash/card in it quickly! The makeup bag is included in the listing.

There are so many reasons why I am partial to LeSportsac. It is pretty amazing how long these bags can last. They are easy to clean and they keep your items safe because their main compartments are entirely zipped.

LeSportsac never fails.

(Have you seen LeSportsac collections with other designers? OH. MY. GOODNESS. BEAUTIFUL.)

  • LeSportsac Tote bag: $3.33 $1.66

Another item that I bought at the thrift store that has their sale on Wednesdays… Also another item I held my breath for when I got to the registers because I wasn’t sure if their bags(showcase bags are excluded) were 50% off.

They were! WAHOO!

I love that it still has its makeup bag!

I’ve been quite lucky with LeSportsac bags! I love them all.

  • LeSportsac Blue backpack: $5.00 $2.50

I have been spoiled lately! I was able to get Longchamp bags at Off 5th stores for an insane price and now I find this wonderful LeSportsac backpack!

Look at the details to this bag! USA & YKK zipper! This must have been a really old bag(it doesn’t look it though) because it was actually made in the USA.

Labor day is tomorrow and I plan to sport this bag when I go to the park with my family.

  • Red LeSportsac Make-up bag: $0.69 $0.34

I was so good today at the thrift store this morning. I only purchased three items.

I love buying these bags because I can store anything in them to keep my items organized. I had a big pouch in college that store all that I needed: pens, pencils, post-its, stapler, index cards, and fun shaped post-its. YES.

Spotted this small LeSportsac bag at the thrift store the other day. I was tempted to buy it but I had to be honest with myself. I can’t see myself using it.

  • LeSportsac Classic Hobo bag: $1.99

I stopped by a thrift store that is super far away from my house. I was out doing something for my dad and I decided to moseyed over to the thrift store to see what I can find. 

I was not disappointed.

I love LeSportsac bags!

  • Gwen Stefani- L.A.M.B. x LeSportsac wristlet: $2.00

I remember when this was carried in retail stores. It was a long ways back. This is just awesome. I am finding all these awesome finds that I can actually use! I am excited to use it soon. 

  • LeSportsac Classic Hobo Bag: $2.92

Being a fan of LeSportsac bags, I couldn’t help myself with this bag! It’s in awesome condition.

Retails for $68. The thing that made me want to buy this bag is the little detail in the plastic-ware that adjusts the strap!

Spotted this LeSportsac Boutique bag at Goodwill today. It came with its original tags and everything! There were two of the exact bag! It was priced at $45.94. It was the color of the week so it would have been 50% off!

I would have bought both of them if they were a different design. LeSportsac is one of my favorite brands. They are durable and light!

  • LeSportsac Makeup case: $0.77

This little zipped bag is probably part of a bag ensemble. My mom found it at Goodwill today. These are great to organize your medication, make up, etc!