Thrift Treasures

I've become a Thrift Store addict.
Mostly Vintage, Remade, Recycled, and Renewed.
Being green and saving money while helping others!
Join me in this treasure hunt.

Oh, I may also include tidbits of my boring life. I apologize in advance.
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  • My Little Pony Rainbow Dash backpack: $3.00

Look at this cute baby! AHH! I don’t even follow My Little Pony and I couldn’t resist!! I am going to toss it in my mesh bag and toss it in the wash tomorrow. I just want to snuggle with it!

P.S. If you look at the tag you can see that it was being sold in 2013!! It isn’t even that old/used!

  • JCrew corduroy pants: $3.00

Cooler weather means I can buy more corduroy pants. After this rainy summer, I think we will finally have a cold winter this year. We had a freak blizzard come by two years ago and it was AWESOME. School was shut down for a week. I basically had cabin fever in my apartment. I toughed the snow to get to my university and it ended up being closed for a whole week.

You can never go wrong with corduroy. =)

  • Coach Signature Print Mini Make up bag: $7.00 $3.50

One of my favorite thrift store is having a sale on bags this week. Today is the first day the store opens(they are closed Sunday and Monday) and ahh!!

I was about to walk out the store empty handed until I made my second visit to the shoe section. Apparently, someone had found this and decided to leave it behind. YAY FOR ME!

I can actually see myself stashing my lip balms and sunscreen in this. Or I just might use it like a clutch. I love it.

  • Vintage Station Coach Bag: $22.92

I went to another Goodwill and I was able to get this bag. Again, I didn’t hesitate with this bag because I don’t have this style! Ah. It is beautiful.

I looked on etsy and people have this bag listed at an insane price. I looked on eBay and it isn’t as steep. 

I love the classic Coach bags. It goes with EVERYTHING.

  • [Sealed] We bought a Zoo: $2.92

I am so glad I purchased this at Goodwill today. I just looked it up online and Best Buy is still selling this DVD. I got it for a mere $2.92 + tax and they are selling it for $14.99! You can look at the SKU numbers! It is the same DVD!

  • Various volumes of Hana-Kimi: $0.77 each

A random walk towards the book section yield this manga haul. There were other mangas but this is one I recognized because of the many “live” adaptions of it. I’ve seen the Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean adaptation of this manga. I’d have to say…the Japanese one is my favorite. I was super annoyed at how she was so stupid in the Taiwanese. 

  • Vintage Coach Court Bag: $22.92

Even though I already have a Coach Court bag in black(but the straps are different), I couldn’t help myself to another one. 

Apparently my mom wants to use it instead of her own (new) Court bag she bought a long time ago. 

So this bag will probably go to my mom for the time being.

I just fell in love with it when I held it in the store. I love that it looks great as a crossbody AND as a handbag(like literal hand-bag).

  • Pastel Pink Kipling crossbody bag: $4.94

My mom and I wanted to check out a Goodwill that we haven’t visited. We didn’t find much but I was able to find this perfect Kipling bag! 

The lighting in my room does not give this bag justice to its awesomeness.

I love it.

It is adorable and functional!

  • Patagonia fleece jacket: $3.99 $1.99

Another Patagonia item I was able to get today at the thrift store for 50% off! What are the chances?

I love it.

I tried it on after I tossed it in the wash and it is absolutely perfect. I didn’t even try it on at the thrift store. I just saw the size and thought that it would probably fit. =)

I love finding Patagonia items at thrift stores because they are lightweight and warm!

  • BP. Cardigan: $3.99 $0.99

Look at what I was able to find today! It is a routine my mom and I go through when she goes to a particular farmer’s market. She goes grocery shopping and I visit the thrift store next to it to find whatever I can find.

I love the 3/4 sleeves because I always roll my sleeves up when I wear…anything.

How was I able to get it for 99 cents? Well, this thrift store has a color of the week where it is 99 cents and then there is a 50% off color also!

  • LeSportsac Tote bag: $3.33 $1.66

Another item that I bought at the thrift store that has their sale on Wednesdays… Also another item I held my breath for when I got to the registers because I wasn’t sure if their bags(showcase bags are excluded) were 50% off.

They were! WAHOO!

I love that it still has its makeup bag!

I’ve been quite lucky with LeSportsac bags! I love them all.

  • [Brand removed] Dress: $1.98 $0.89

Here is a cute dress I bought from the kid’s section of the thrift store that has their special sales on Wednesday! 

It is cotton, polka dots, and has pockets. What more can I ask for?

  • Soundgirl plaid dress: $2.98 $1.19

Mom and I drove for a bit to go to this particular thrift store that has a sale every Wednesday where adult clothes are $1.19 and children’s clothes are $0.89.

I was able to buy this plaid dress.

This made me think about a Project Runway challenge that had the designers design for the Southern woman. Apparently, plaid is very “Southern”. No.

  • Pins & Needles knit cardigan: $3.49 $1.74

I wish we had this last week when my family went to a wedding. My mom was scouring around the house to find a cardigan that suited her.

I absolutely adore the knit lace in the back!

  • Dior Homme SweatShirt: $3.49 $1.74

It was hard to leave this behind at Value Village today. I don’t even care how oversized it is. I just wanted it because of its interesting zipper placement.